Why is our 10% CBD oil special?

Seeking relief for better sleep or relief from aches and discomforts? Our CBD is sourced from EU industrial organic hemp grown in nutrient rich organic soils and it has been formulated to gently restore and balance your body's endocannabinoid system, helping you to feel at your best. It naturally contains flavonoids, terpenes and other cannabinoids and 0% THC.

At ebb + flow we value quality, safety, efficacy and transparency.  We use an extraordinary Swiss Gold Plus CBD extract that undergoes a double CO2 extraction process resulting in a golden color and smoother taste. We chose to combine our Gold CBD extract with premium Olive Oil from Spain to strengthen it's excellent antioxidant benefits as well as result in a natural smooth flavour.

To ensure top notch products we test the CBD oil at a well renowned EU laboratory that acts as our Third Party lab. The results of every product batch are published right here.