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CBD Skin care

Our luxurious botanical CBD face and body oils are packed with CBD and other carefully curated bioactive ingredients.

Each drop is masterfully blended with lightweight, fast absorbing plant oils for even the most sensitive of skins and suitable for any skin routine.

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Why do I need oils?

Less inflammation, balanced, soft and nourished skin with a healthy glow?

Our skin is exposed to a lot of external factors like the sun, dry or cold weather, wind, indoor heat, and pollution that are damaging our skin's lipid barrier on a daily basis.

Oils are a natural substance and easily recognized by our skin. They improve your natural skin microbiome by making it more resilient to dryness, redness, breakouts and other skin imperfections.

Oils protect the skin by strengthening and maintaining its lipid barrier and naturally sealing in moisture in your skin, which accelerates the skin's natural healing and repairing process.

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Haven 21 Light CBD Face Oil

The perfect start to bring your skin back to its natural balance. Haven 21 CBD face oil is a lighter oil for both day and night. It is great for delicate skin that usually needs less support.

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Haven 22 Night CBD Face Oil

A perfect start to bring back your skin to natural balance and extra nourishment from within. Haven 22 CBD face oil is slightly richer version than Haven 21 yet light and very easily absorbed.

It is great for normal and dry skin during the day and beneficial for nourishing any kind of the skin at night.

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Haven 21 + Haven 22

Still not sure? Try me ampules with both: Haven 21 and Haven 22. They will give you an experience of how to use an oil in your routine.

If you are searching for the long-term results, you would need to use the oils for longer than a few days.

Skin cell renewal lasts on average 28 days.

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Haven 31 Body

My body is my temple...

The perfect start to your natural CBD body care.

Grape seed oil combined with almond oil with high concentration of CBD, vitamin E and algae extract will visibly nourish, calm, deeply hydrate and lock the moisture in your skin.

Infused with an irresistable sandalwood and violet scent for calm and relaxation.

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Why CBD oil for my body?

Dry skin on legs or arms can be caused by many factors including hot baths/showers, cold baths/swims, harsh soaps or sun damage to name a few. They strip our skin from its natural moisturizers and oils.

Dry and itchy skin can be uncomfortable, so it’s important to keep a good skin care regimen that involves moisturizing daily and exfoliating twice a week.

Haven 31 CBD body oil is a great addition to any body skin routine.