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Happy in Shape July/August 2023

The Optimist Magazine Jan/Feb 2023

 LINDA Magazine September 2022

Tulp Magazine Summer 2022

TULP Magazine Summer 2022TULP Magazine Summer 2022 CBD Oil


Intuïtie by Happinez May 2022

The Optimist Magazine May 2022



Zin Magazine May 2022

ELEGANCE Magazine February 2022

      Elegance Magazine February 2022

SANTÉ Magazine January 2022

LINDA LOVES December 2021

Linda Loves December 2021 Issue 

FD Persoonlijk December 2021

 FD Persoonlijk December 2021 Issue Gift Guide 

Mens Health Netherlands December 2021 

Fabulous Mama December 2021 

Fabulous Mama Nummer 7 December 2021 Issue Cover  Fabulous Mama ebb + flow cbd face oil

Kek Mama December 2021

Kek Mama December 2021 Magazine Cover 


Enfait Magazine December 2021

Be Kind to your body and mind with CBD oil from ebb + flow



The Vegan Effect NL November 19, 2021       

The Vegan Effect ebb + Flow CBD Face Oil


Margriet November 2021 

Margriet  11-17 November 2021 Cover Margriet 11-17 November 2021 ebb + flow CBD face oils


Quote October 2021 

  Quote CBD is a must for sleep ebb + flow CBD

                                                                            October 25, 2021

Het Parool Style Section ebb + flow CBD face oil

HET PAROOL October 25, 2021 

BartsBoekje October 19, 2021


Barts Boekje Bart Concious Shopping ebb + flow CBD Face Oil
Barts Boekje Bart Concious Shopping ebb + flow CBD Face OilBarts Boekje Bart Concious Shopping ebb + flow CBD Oil 


Marie Claire October 4, 2021

Marie Claire Skin Benefits of CBD Marie Claire Skin Benefits of CBD

De Telegraaf September 21, 2021

De Telegraaf Septeber 21, 2021 Front Page 

Dutch Gigil September 2021

Dutch Gigil ebb + flow CBD Night Oil 


iamsterdam September 2021

Iamsterdam Rebalance your body mind and skin ebb + flow cbd oil 

Holistic Lifestyle September 2021 

Holistik ebb + flow CBD face oils