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CBD Supplement Oils + Softgels

Our CBD Oils and Softgels have been curated with utmost attention to quality, safety, and efficacy. 

CBD Oils available with 5%, 10%, 20% or 30% CBD Gold Plus CBD extract from Switzerland and carefully selected premium Spanish olive oil resulting in a smooth natural taste.

CBD Softgels available with 10%, 20% and 30% CBD. Easy and discrete to take along, easy to swallow with pre-measured CBD servings. 

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How do I choose my CBD?

At ebb + flow we appreciate that you might have a question how to choose the CBD strenght and dose and CBD form to start your CBD routine. We are here to support.

Your first question should be - What would I like to use CBD for?

Below are some options.

5% CBD oil

Focus + calm

Looking for the perfect place to gently start your CBD journey? Search no further. 5% CBD is the lowest dosage of CBD extract we offer that will soothe and ground you, all while restoring focus and calm. 

Often more drops are needed to effectively build your calm routine. 5% CBD is most suitable for those with lower average body weight, so consider starting with the 10% CBD oil if you do not fit into this guideline.


De-stress & sleep

Your CBD journey begins here. Our 10% CBD oil is a great start to accommodate any of your wellness needs. Allow 10% CBD to regulate your sleep, relieve your stress, ease your pains, and aid in sports recovery.

20% CBD oil

Intense stress & sleep disruptions

Our 20% CBD oil is a powerful solution to your troubles. Whether you require relief to your discomforts, significantly improved sleep quality, effective sports recovery, or support in anxiety alleviation, 20% CBD oil could be your soothing solution with using less drops than 10% CBD oil.

30% CBD oil

Need higher dose - great value

30% CBD oil is a solution for regular CBD users who have already tried 10% and 20% CBD oil and would like their bottle last longer due to the higher concentration of CBD delivered in fewer drops.  

Are CBD softgels better for me?

If you prefer not to use the CBD oils, ebb + flow is also offering CBD softgels.

Beautiful in their purity and their simplicity, our CBD Softgels are the easiest way to take CBD oil. With the pre-measured CBD servings in easy-to-swallow CBD Softgel capsules. 

The biggest differences between CBD oil and CBD softgels is the way of ingestion, bioavailability and a personal choice.

CBD softgels are absorbed via your digestive system and it takes around 30-90 minutes to feel the effect. CBD oil is absorbed subligually (placed underneath your tongue) and absorbed via your bloodstream within minutes.

Finally, the CBD oil bioavailability or absorption is also slightly higher than CBD softgels.

Softgels are vailable in 10%, 20% and 30% CBD strenght.