How To Use My CBD

Your wellness CBD dose guide


Welcome to CBD wellness. We are delighted to give you a short introduction on how best to use CBD supplements.

Finding the right CBD dose for you is a personal journey. Everyone reacts to CBD differently.  We recommend you start with the following amounts + take that for a few days to feel how it works for you.

If necessary, you can slightly increase your dose.  Make sure you do not exceed the maximum dose per day as indicated below.


CBD for Stress + Anxiety

Start with 5% CBD oil.

To calm your body take 3-6 drops 2-3 times a day and/or in the moment of stress*


CBD for Increased Focus 

Start with 5% CBD oil.   

To increase/balance your focus, take 3-6 drops before your activity* Ideally 15-30 minutes before*


CBD for Sports

Before Sport Activity

Start with 5% CBD oil before your activity. 

Before sports take 3-6 drops to calm and relax your body and increase your focus. 

After Sport Activity 

Start with 10% CBD oil after your activity.

After sports take 3-6 drops to restore your body + relieve aches or discomforts (can apply topically as well)*


CBD for Sleep

Start with 10% CBD oil.

Take CBD oil 30 minutes before sleep to relax and fall asleep*. 

To improve sleep pattern, take 3-6 drops 2-3 times a day.*

CBD during the day balances the build up of cortisol in your body. Too much cortisol affects your sleep pattern.*


CBD for Aches + Discomforts 

Start with 10% CBD oil.

In case of aches, pains or inflammation take 3-6 drops 2-3 times a day* 


How to take CBD oil?

Simply take 3-6 drops under the tongue, wait 30-60 seconds to enter your blood stream and swallow.

If you are currently taking medications, consult your physician before using CBD products.
UK FSA recommends maximum daily intake of 70 mg/day (about 35 drops)




If you have any further questions, please do reach out!

We’re here for you: e-mail us anytime!