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CBD active lifestyle

Sports performance and overall wellbeing is dependent upon a foundation of quality of rest and recovery. We don't need to be athletes to appreciate that.

Early scientific research shows that CBD could support with sports recovery, support quality of sleep and ease topical discomforts.

my active lifestyle cbd routine

How to start with CBD routine?

At ebb + flow we appreciate that you might have questions how to combine CBD products in your CBD active lifestyle routine. We are here to support.

Consider starting with 10% CBD drops in the morning to build your CBD routine. Combine with CBD protein powder and CBD muscle cream after sport events.


Sports & balance

10% CBD oil is a perfect start to your CBD journey for sports recovery and combating the aches and discomforts associated with muscle soreness.

As an active person you might appreciate that sleep balance, mental balance and keeping energy at the right levels is key in the overal wellbeing.

CBD protein powder

Refuel after sports

You love protein shakes already or you are willing to try them! Now they are available in a super combi with pea protein and CBD!

The CBD vegan protein shake us a perfect start to your CBD journey to restore your whole body after an activity.

You might combine it with 10% CBD oil drops when building your total CBD routine.

Muscle Relief Liposomal CBD + PEA cream

Our cream is boosted with liposomal technology to improve delivery absorption into muscles, joints and tendons and provide relief.

It is packed with a powerful 1000mg of CBD and PEA palmitoylethanolamide, which are both targeting the pain and inflammation as a root cause of the discomfort.

20% CBD oil

Sport & balance
less drops

20% CBD oil is a perfect continuation of your CBD journey for sports recovery with simply fewer drops than the 10% CBD oil.

30% CBD oil

Need higher dose - great value

30% CBD oil is a solution for regular CBD users who have already tried 10% and 20% CBD oil and would like their bottle last longer due to the higher concentration of CBD delivered in fewer drops.  

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