Welcome to CBD Wellness

At ebb + flow we are passionate about the scientific potential of CBD to help relieve stress, improve sleep quality and renew balance and focus.

We are creating a wellness portfolio based on premium CBD and other carefully curated ingredients to help manage your day to day mind and body ebb + flows.

Our first range of wellness products are CBD infused dietary supplements.


CBD with Peace of Mind

We've got you covered!  Our CBD is sourced from EU industrial hemp grown in nutrient rich organic soils.

Ebb + Flow CBD is double CO2 extracted in Switzerland, THC free and Third Party laboratory tested for transparency in purity and consistency.

We carefully select each ingredient for you from the farm to your fingertips.  

New to CBD?

Will CBD get me high?

The simple answer is no, CBD will not get you "high". THC is the compound that contributes to the psychoactive effects, euphoric feelings and pleasure that many consider a "high".

Is CBD addictive?

CBD is not addictive. According to a report from the World Health Organization, there is no evidence of addictive effects or dependencies associated with the use of CBD. 

Customer Stories

CBD Oil | stress | anxious


"Pandemic restrictions and home based work and school had me anxious and nervous. CBD oil was my saving grace: right after taking it, I felt relaxed and at ease."


CBD broad spectrum | sleep

Lack of sleep

"I had problems falling asleep after being awoken at night. CBD helped me to get a good night's sleep with no groggy morning feeling."


CBD supplement oil | focus

Focus and alignment

"All at once it was too much. I did not notice it coming. Taking 5% CBD helped me to relax and ground myself to continue my busy day."


CBD premium oil | sport

Goodbye aches

"I've just started running, CBD has helped soothe my aches and pains and get me into a good sport routine."


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