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We are grateful for Marieke sharing her CBD + sleep journey!

“I suffered from poor sleep for a long time. It felt like I couldn't relax my body and mind and I always woke up tired. I recorded my sleep using my fitbit and I noticed I barely have REM or deep sleep, I could not fall asleep easily and I was waking up at night many times.


Ebb and flow CBD oil | CBD for sleep

Not able to easily fall asleep at 23:03pm...



ebb and flow cbd oil | cbd for sleep

Waking continually between 1-4am...

I was looking for a natural alternative to prescription sleep aids. My friend recommended CBD so I researched and watched a documentary about CBD oil. My enthusiasm and curiosity grew. I first tried 5% CBD oil from the pharmacy, but didn't feel any effect.

Later I tried ebb + flow. I appreciated the support and professional advice of the owner to help me find the right % of CBD to use for sleep (10%).

The first night I noticed a big difference and woke up feeling more refreshed. The next few days, I slept badly as usual. I took more drops as recommended after a week I noticed big differences and after a month I slept (and still sleep) like a baby.

Ebb and flow cbd oil | cbd oil for sleep

I just slept like a baby! The whole night without waking up....

It has been a week since I finished my bottle. I was afraid that I might have trouble sleeping without CBD, but I didn't. I feel like CBD helped me to reset my body to a good sleep cycle. I certainly would use it again if needed.

I want to share my experience. I feel that some people are sceptical because they in-correctly relate it with drugs. This is a pity, because I think so many could benefit from cbd oil and avoid harsher medicines.


Quick facts

Product used: 10% CBD oil

Dose: 10 drops a day

Length of time: 5 weeks

Rating: 5 stars

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