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It's ebb + flow client Testimonial Tuesday. We are grateful for Katie for sharing her CBD + calm journey!

“I have dealt with menopausal symptoms for 6 years, and have been open to trying alternative methods rather than taking medicines.

This 5% CBD oil took the edge off my daily symptoms that can cause anxiety and a feeling of being overwhelmed.

I took the oil at difficult times of the day and it helped me to cope with the situation.  The other alternatives that I tried did not work Instantly and were really made for a longer relief during the day.

The best part of CBD was the Instant calming effect it had, and was gentle enough that if I found myself feeling uptight or stressed later on, I could always have a few more drops.

I think a 10% would be of better use for helping me to sleep, as 5% was not quite enough, so I will be back to see what the difference the higher % dose.

Thank you for your advice and help over the 5 week period, it made me feel more confident in what I was trying.”

Have you tried 5% CBD oil to help keep your balance and zen throughout the week?

Quick facts

Product used: 5% CBD oil

Dose: 2 drops under tongue when feeling stressed throughout the day

Length of time: 5 weeks

Rating: 9/10 for for immediate relief for calm/stress

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