If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share.  - W. Clement Stone 

We are grateful for Suzanne for sharing her CBD + sports journey!     

“I have been an athlete my whole life, I even studied sports medicine and nutrition in college!  I can hardly pick my favorite activity, but I've always loved cycling, running, climbing but yoga and SUP yoga have become my true passions over the years and what I put in and on my body is always a priority!

I recently had two unexpected accidents within a few months of each other:  a big fall followed by a car accident.  I struggled to return to my normal and loved upside-down yoga life.  My neck and back can be really achey and sometimes I cannot get into my flow nor sleep well.    

I recently tried ebb + flow 10% CBD to help get me relaxed and more comfortable.  I am so happy with the CBD oils!

ebb and flow premium CBD for athletes

Since my accident I have been given various oils and I didn't notice much.  With ebb + flow, I stopped taking some of my pain medication, I am back to the gym every day and I even am resting better than I have been in weeks!  

Not to mention, the oils I had tried before tasted horrible:   strong coconut flavor or bad cheap oils.  Ebb + flow taste good, it’s so pure and natural!

I would recommend ebb + flow CBD oils without hesitation!”


Your solution is just a click away... try our 10% CBD oil for a restful night before your sports and to help you recover after after your events!


Quick facts

Product used: 10% CBD oil

Dose: 3-4 drops under tongue before bed

Length of time: 2 weeks

Rating: 9/10 for for immediate relief for discomforts and restlessness