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How do I use Haven 31?

Apply all over body once per day and massage until absorbed.

Don't wait for your skin to get dry when applying, apply when your skin is still damp after shower. You can incorporate the body oil into your morning or evening relaxing routines.

You could massage the oil in for a few minutes as it helps in promoting blood circulation and works towards reduction of cellulitis and stretch marks over time. 

How long will one bottle last?

On average a bottle should last 2-4 months. However, it can vary a lot per user and depends how often your skin requires to be hydrated. Once your microbiome is in balance and skin is properly and regularly exfoliated and nourished the CBD body oil does not have to be applied every day.

My natural (body) skin care routine

Cleanse: Use gentle cleansers that don't strip your skin’s natural oils away and compromise its protective skin barrier. Always consider washing with a sulfate-free formula.

Exfoliate: As well as removing dead skin cells, exfoliating on average 2 times a week helps to stimulate circulation and prepares your skin to better absorb the benefits of body care products.

Nourish: Oils are skin's natural sebum, we believe that oils with actives are the best form to effectively hydrate your skin and lock in moisture.

Protect: Always use SPF protection if you outside to prevent damage to your skin.

Sleep well: During sleep, the skin repairs itself by rebuilding collagen, repair damage from UV exposure, and reduces wrinkles. Let's cherish what sleep can do for your skin.

I have sensitive skin

We have got you covered! Our face and body oils have been formulated for the most sensitive of skins.

Why use body skin care?

It is not only great to have a glowing legs and arms when you sport or wear a dress or shorts it is also a self-care gift to yourself to keep your skin stay in good condition. Afterall, our skin is our primary defense against all outside elements.

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