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How do I best use Muscle Relief Liposomal PEA Cream?

Massage on area of discomfort on skin for sore muscles, joints and tendons to provide relief. Use up to 3 times a day. Best effects are achieved when used regularly to combat the underlying issue of inflammation.

How fast will it work?

As you can imagine inflammation peaks within 1-3 days after an injury but lasts at least sometimes up to a couple of weeks.

This is entirely normal and a natural part of your body's tissue healing process. However, if we reduce inflammation the symptoms will also be less severe.

For best results use the cream regularly and start checking the progress after a few days to notice desirable results.

How long will one CBD Muscle Relief Cream last?

It really depends on the size of your body area that you are treating, therefore it is difficult to define. The cream could last two weeks to a month.

How much CBD is in CBD Muscle Relief Cream?

CBD Muscle Relief Cream is packed with a powerful 1000mg of CBD.

Why did we choose liposomal technology?

The liposomal technology will transport the active substances like CBD, PEA and other ingredients via the skin to the area that requires relief.  

Liposomes, which are made of lecithin are carriers that transport active substances and allow them to merge with human cells, where they are released. 

These active substances can be absorbed more effectively and will last longer.

Will CBD get me high?

The simple answer is no, CBD will not get you "high". THC is the compound that contributes to the psychoactive effects, euphoric feelings and pleasure that many consider a "high". Ebb + flow supplement products do not contain THC.

Additionally, this is a topical cream and CBD is applied to a part of the body only.

Is CBD addictive?

CBD is not addictive. According to a report from World Health Organisation there is no evidence of addictive effects or dependencies associated with the use of CBD. 

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