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How do I use the Haven 21 and Haven 22?

Break firmly the glass open with your thumb. We recommend massaging 2-3 drops on your face using fingertips once or twice per day for normal and dry skin. For oily and blemish prone skin, use twice per week. Great for balancing your sebum.

Apply when your skin is almost dry, massageing a few minutes helps promoting blood circulation and fading fine lines over time. You could use gua sha stones or other massage tools to support your massage. 

How long will one ampule last?

It can vary a lot per user but one ampule should last for 3-5 days, you receive 2 ampules.

My morning and evening rotine

Morning Routine:  Apply after your cleansing routine.  Haven 21 and Haven 22 can replace your moisturizer or you can mix them with with your favorite moisturizer with SPF.

Evening Routine:  Apply Haven 21 or Haven 22 CBD Face Oil as your last step in your evening routine (after cleanser, exfoliator and eye cream). 

I have sensitive skin

We have got you covered! Our face and body oils have been formulated for the most sensitive of skins.

What to expect with such a short usage?

To start with it should give you an idea whether you like using oil in your routine.

You should be able to feel how your skin becomes softer and more nourished.

For results like blamish and redness reduction, skin resiliance to different conditions and overal microbiome balance you would need to use the oils for at least 28 days, this is an average reset skin cycle.

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